There is a new timer under the grill behind the door. It is for only 1 hour.

  1. Turn the timer to the left
  2. Open the lid
  3. Push in the knob to ignite the gas
  4. Grill food
  5. Turn the knob to OFF position
  6. Clean the grill surfaces
  7. Enjoy the food!

DON’T turn the TIMER to OFF! Let the timer run out on its own.

If you need more than an hour, wait to turn the timer again until after the original hour is up.

For questions, please contact us.

Pool House

TV Area

Dining Area

Gaming Area


Free Internet

Shower / Rest Rooms

Hot Tub

Host an Event

  • Pool-house rental is required if you have more than 4 guests.
  • $175 with a refundable $175 deposit — if no damage & the pool-house is left clean & orderly.
  • Send us an email to see if the pool house is available on the date you’d like to rent.
  • Fill out the Pool Rental Agreement, include payment, and deposit in the pool mailbox.